Features covered
by oomnia

  • NComprehensive digital trial workflows
  • NFully interoperable
  • NAdvanced data analytics
  • NReal-time trial monitoring and alerts
  • NRegulatory compliant

Features covered by oomnia

  • NComprehensive digital trial workflows
  • NFully interoperable
  • NAdvanced data analytics
  • NReal-time trial monitoring and alerts
  • NRegulatory compliant

All the relevant features at a glance

Discover the features of our all-in-one clinical trial software oomnia

Our clinical trial software oomnia redefines how research is conducted, offering unparalleled support through features like professional assistance and infinite trial types support. Foster universal collaboration with an accessible interface designed for researchers, clinicians, sponsors, and participants alike. Stay at the forefront of your trials with real-time reporting and scale your endeavors limitlessly with oomnia’s infinite trial scalability. Trust in oomnia’s unwavering commitment to the highest data security, ensuring the confidentiality of your trial data. Experience a future where each meticulously crafted feature amplifies your research impact. Ready to revolutionize your clinical trials? Explore the possibilities with oomnia today.


Ease your processes and unlock your potential

Work with oomnia and experience efficiency and precision like never before.

All-in-one software solution

Your one-stop clinical trial powerhouse

Why manage multiple tools when oomnia gives you everything in one go?
oomnia changes the game by linking everything from EDC to eSource into one smooth, talking system. No more wasting time trying to get different software to play nice together. With oomnia, it is all built to work together from the start, making your trials faster, your data cleaner, and your budget happier. Dive into a world where every part of your clinical trial, from start to finish, just flows. Let oomnia show you how easy and efficient your research can be when everything communicates instantly and seamlessly. Ready to save time, boost data quality, and cut costs? Let us make it happen with oomnia.

Professional Assistance

Expert support at your fingertips

Why worry about the technical side of things when oomnia ensures you are always covered? oomnia is not just stable and user-friendly – it is backed by a team of professionals ready to help whenever you need it. Forget about the stress of troubleshooting; with up to 4 hours of professional support included in our subscriptions every month at no extra cost, you can focus on what truly matters to you. With oomnia, you are never alone; our experts stand ready to assist, ensuring your journey is smooth and uninterrupted. Embrace the confidence that comes with oomnia’s professional assistance, making your clinical research more efficient and less stressful. Let us keep your focus where it belongs – on groundbreaking research.

True interoperability

Make data work together

With oomnia, you get to see what happens when all your data – from every tool, system, and institution – work together perfectly. No more data silos or headaches trying to match up information. oomnia is not just about gathering data; it is about making it easy to use, improving everything from how accurate and complete your data is to how well you meet regulations and get things done. Imagine a world where your clinical trials run smoother because all your information talks to each other, making teamwork better, speeding up your work, and helping you develop safe treatments faster. Get ready for a simpler way to handle your trials, where the power of connected data brings your research to life.

Infinite trial types supported

Get customized solutions for your research

Ready for a solution that evolves with your trials?
oomnia is here to ensure that your clinical trial software never poses obstacles to your clinical research, no matter the trial type. Whether it is decentralized, real-world data, or medical device trials – our solution seamlessly accommodates them all. We focus on integrating every aspect of your work smoothly for efficient management and maintaining flawless data integrity, compliance, and security. oomnia adapts to meet your unique needs, empowering you to focus on pioneering medical research. Step into a world where the type of trial you conduct amplifies your possibilities, not limits them.

Access from everywhere

Stay connected to your research

Need to keep your clinical trials moving, no matter where you are?
oomnia keeps you connected to every crucial piece of your study – data, documents, insights, securely and efficiently, anytime and on any device. Even when you are offline or in the most remote locations without internet, our solution ensures you can continue your work seamlessly. Plus, with detailed audit trails and activity logs, you will always have a clear view of who did what and when, helping you stay on top of data integrity, compliance, and security. This is about enhancing teamwork, sharpening decisions, and ensuring smooth operations from planning to analysis. Welcome to a world where your physical location expands your research possibilities, not limits them.

Convenient user interface

Turn complexity into clarity

Tired of the click marathon in your current clinical research tools?
Dive into the simplicity of oomnia’s user-friendly interface, where we have cut down the unnecessary clutter and extra steps that bog down your workflow. Designed by and for clinical research experts, oomnia streamlines the process, allowing all stakeholders to navigate, manage, and make decisions with unprecedented ease. Stop endless clicks and welcome an intuitive experience that enhances efficiency and user satisfaction. With oomnia, we are not just reducing the click-burden – we are transforming how clinical trials are conducted, making it faster and more productive for everyone involved. Jump to a setup where everything is streamlined, making your research smoother and more productive.


Discover cutting-edge solutions for your clinical trials and start your journey towards advanced research.

Real-time reporting

Get instant insights and make faster decisions

Ever wished you could see your trial’s progress unfold in real-time?
With oomnia, that wish becomes reality. Our real-time reporting feature brings together data from every corner of your trial into a single, consistent, and compliant database. This means you get instant insights and analytics that were not possible before, allowing you to monitor progress, ensure patient safety, and evaluate outcomes as they happen. No more waiting for updates or guessing about your trial’s status. With oomnia, you are equipped to make quicker decisions and adapt your trial design on the fly, keeping your research agile and ahead of the curve. Join us in a new era of clinical trials, where real-time data puts you ahead of clinical research.

Infinite trial scalability

Flexibility to grow with you

Looking for a clinical trial solution that grows with your research?
oomnia offers unparalleled scalability and adaptability, ready to meet the evolving demands of clinical trials, big or small. Whether you are at the helm of a compact exploratory study or steering a vast multinational trial, our system seamlessly adjusts to fit your study’s scale, data diversity, and regulatory landscapes. This built-in flexibility ensures that as your trial needs expand or shift, oomnia evolves right alongside, providing a stable foundation for growth. Scale your research infinitely with oomnia, where the size or complexity of your trial never limits your ambition.

Highest data security

Safeguard your clinical trial data

Need a solution where your data’s safety is never in question?
In the digital world of clinical trials, data security cannot be compromised. oomnia is armored with advanced security measures, encrypting and protecting every shred of data against unauthorized eyes. We understand the weight of the trust you place in us with your sensitive information. That is why we have committed to the highest standards of data protection, ensuring your data is not just stored but shielded with the utmost care and state-of-the-art security. With oomnia, rest easy knowing your data is in safe hands, letting you focus on the groundbreaking research that drives progress.


Connect with our expert team now for personalized insights and tailored solutions. Get in touch with us and start shaping the future of your research.

True collaboration

Unify teams, accelerate trials

Need an efficient way to keep your clinical trial team in sync?
oomnia offers a centralized solution that not only streamlines communication among all stakeholders – investigators, study coordinators, sponsors, CROs – but also ensures instant access to data, given the right permissions. Our approach to collaboration eliminates manual, error-prone processes, speeding up decision-making, and enhancing transparency across the board. With instant communication and information consumption, knowledge sharing becomes effortless, enabling more informed decisions. Insights are readily available, helping to identify new opportunities in clinical research without the barriers of teams, organizations, or borders. oomnia is designed to break down these walls, making it easier to advance medicine by fostering a truly collaborative environment where progress is accelerated.

Insightful analytics and assets

Unlock trial potential

Need advanced tools to power through your clinical trial phases?
With oomnia, you get more than just analytics; you unlock advanced functionalities that elevate every aspect of your clinical trial. It is outfitted with features like Real-time Performance Monitoring, Adaptive Trial Design Optimization, Risk-based Monitoring and Quality Analytics, alongside Patient Stratification and Subgroup Analysis, Safety Signal Detection, and Pharmacovigilance Analytics. We also offer Data Integration and Cross-functional Analytics to ensure you have all the tools you need for a successful trial. Or tell us what you want to see on your screen and we will create it for you, as all of your clinical data is analysis ready in any point of time during your clinical trial. oomnia allows you to leverage data in making strategic decisions, optimize trial efficiency, mitigate risks, and fast-track the development of treatments that are both safe and effective. Navigate your clinical trials with confidence, ensuring every decision is backed by robust analytics.

Convenient customization

Customize oomnia according to your needs

Surprised if a clinical trial solution adjusts to you, not the other way around?
Tailor every aspect of your trial management to fit your specific needs. Traditional systems force researchers to bend their workflows to fit pre-set structures. With us, oomnia molds to your requirements, allowing for on-the-fly adjustments. This means complex study settings can be mirrored and validated quickly, significantly cutting down the time it takes to get your study up and running. It offers template-based study design and configuration tools, enabling you to swiftly customize and reuse study templates, protocols, documents, and forms. This flexibility means you are not just working with what is available; you are shaping the system to meet your exact needs. With oomnia, experience a new level of customization that saves time and aligns perfectly with your research goals.


Join us on our journey to advance clinical research together.