Real World Data with oomnia

Optimize RWD trials to obtain real-world evidence

Our clinical trial software, oomnia, combined with our expert professional team, is the key to unlocking the full potential of Real World Data trials. We revolutionize such trials by easily enabling you to prioritize critical data, integrating seamlessly with your EHRs and hospital information systems, and providing real-time insights for informed decision-making.

Experience the power of focused clinical data management and professional support, ensuring regulatory compliance and efficient resource allocation in every step of your RWD/RWE journey.

Introducing our real-world data framework

Collect unique and tailored real-world data with a global network of clinical data professionals






Thearpeutic Areas



We provide custom validated real-world data from a uniquely broad and diverse population across countries on 5 continents to meet all client needs and requirements.

Treatment data are always connected to patient outcomes and direct access to patients is provided, both to ensure industry leading results.

With custom genetic analysis, general OMICS, and interpretation of medical imaging directly from all sites, unmatched real-world insights and evidence are ensured.

How oomnia companions your clinical trials

Enhance RWD trials with our unified clinical trial software

Intelligent Data Oversight

Our professional clinical data managers prioritize data collection, extraction, and review, while focusing on critical data points. This targeted approach allows your teams to concentrate on what truly matters, reducing the effort required to collect your RWD and the noise of non-critical data, while focusing on the evidence that demands attention.

Customizable RWD/RWE Strategies

Tailor your RWD/RWE strategy with a hybrid of simple data entry, double data entry, automated EHR to oomnia data transfer, eSource solutions, and more. We understand that RWD trials require many different approaches. Our systems and professionals are as flexible as you are, and adapt to your specific needs, ensuring fit-for-purpose streamlined processes.

Seamless EHR Integration and Real-Time Insights

oomnia integrates seamlessly with existing EHR systems, enhancing data transfer and integration. Our professional service personnel are always at hand to ensure that the EHR-oomnia integration process is clear, cohesive, and implemented effectively. With oomnia, data transfer and integration are managed with precision.

Empowering Teams with Professional Support

From initial risk assessment to ongoing management, our team provides the support needed to navigate the RWD/RWE landscape confidently. With oomnia and our professional services, you empower your team with knowledge, tools, and the backing of seasoned experts.
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Embark on a journey through the diverse range of research studies that are seamlessly facilitated by oomnia. Discover various trial types that our solution adeptly supports, highlighting how our technology adapts to different research needs and methodologies. From intricate medication trials to innovative decentralized studies, explore how our software is the backbone of successful and efficient clinical research across multiple domains.

Features and benefits of oomnia

Discover the key attributes

Infinite trial types supported

Conduct all types of trials with ease – hybrid, decentralized, synthetic, real-world data or medical devices.


Collaborate within oomnia to optimally support your workflow in real-time and with audit logs.


Flexibility is our commitment. oomnia adapts to your needs and workflow. Create your own documents, utilize templates, and save time.


Explore the full spectrum of our unified clinical trial tools through an insightfull demo call conducted by our esteemed oomnia experts.