Decentralized clinical trials with oomnia

Capture data from patients, clinicians, and caregivers anywhere at any time

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) break free from traditional site-centric models, enabling participants to engage in clinical studies from the comfort of their homes. Thus, DCTs represent a transformative approach in clinical research. They expand participation and streamline processes, while introducing new challenges in compliance, data management, and patient engagement.

With oomnia, seamless data collection and participant interaction are at the forefront. Our cutting-edge digital solutions are advancing the landscape of clinical research.

How oomnia companions your clinical trials

Enhance decentralized clinical trials with our unified clinical trial software

Electronic Data Collection

With our the oomnia EDC system, data management becomes a seamless, secure endeavor. It provides a reliable platform for the collection, storage, and real-time analysis of trial data, upholding data integrity and supporting the dynamic needs of DCTs.

Electronic Patient Consent

eConsent digitizes the consent process, eliminating geographical barriers and simplifying participant enrollment. It provides you with an accessible and comprehensible consent experience, ensuring informed participant engagement from anywhere at any time.

Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments

our oomnia facilitates the direct capture of clinical outcomes, streamlining the data collection process with its eCOA feature. It ensures that patient, clinician, and caregiver input is accurately recorded, supporting robust data analysis and outcome assessment in a patient-friendly manner.

Electronic Patient Reported

Through our ePRO functionality, patients are empowered to report health status and treatment impact, providing researchers with essential insights while minimizing the need for in-person visits and enhancing the patient-centric nature of clinical research.

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Embark on a journey through the diverse range of research studies that are seamlessly facilitated by oomnia. Discover various trial types that our solution adeptly supports, highlighting how our technology adapts to different research needs and methodologies. From intricate medication trials to innovative decentralized studies, explore how our software is the backbone of successful and efficient clinical research across multiple domains.

Features and benefits of oomnia

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Access from

Access it from anywhere, work offline and upload later, use any device and collaborate whenever you want.


Once data is captured in oomnia, it is primed for analysis. Gain instant insights with on-the-fly metrics tailored to your needs.

user interface

Intuitive and simple user interface, no coding skills required, and drag-and-drop functionalities allow even complex settings.


Explore the full spectrum of our unified clinical trial tools through an insightfull demo call conducted by our esteemed oomnia experts.