Enhancing clinical data management with our advanced eSource solution

Connect all your Digital Data Sources with oomnia eSource

  • NClinical data accuracy
  • NIntegration capabilities
  • NFile management

Enhancing clinical data management with our advanced eSource

Connect all your Digital Data Sources with oomnia eSource

  • NClinical data accuracy
  • NIntegration capabilities
  • NFile management

eSource with oomnia

Experience seamless data integration

Discover a new standard of efficiency in clinical trials with our advanced e-Source capabilities. Our software is crafted to integrate a diverse range of digital data sources directly into your clinical trial workflow. From electronic health records and wearable technologies to real-world data and mobile applications, oomnia captures all electronic source data in real-time, eliminating the need for manual entry. This direct data capture capability not only enhances workflow efficiency but also improves the accuracy and reliability of your data. Fully compliant with international regulatory standards, oomnia gives you the highest confidence to conduct your clinical trials.

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oomnia – Surpassing Industry Standards

Our unified clinical trial software is designed with compliance at its core, meeting critical industry standards. Our commitment to these regulations ensures that your clinical trials are not only efficient but also adhere to the highest levels of data integrity, privacy, and ethical conduct.

Clinical data accuracy

Experience the next level of clinical trials without the need for manual data reconciliation

oomnia eSource is a technology specifically designed to capture clinical trial data directly at the point of creation, eliminating the need for manual transcription from primary sources to clinical databases. This advancement not only eliminates the need for direct source data verification but also obviates the need for manual reconciliation of data entered in primary systems with clinical databases. Furthermore, oomnia eSource encompasses a range of functionalities, from Direct Data Capture to Central Laboratory Reading, thereby empowering a symbiotic translation of clinical trials protocols into clinical pathways.

Integration capabilities

Streamline data management through seamless connectivity

oomnia’s eSource is designed with advanced integration capabilities to seamlessly align with the terminology used by medical informaticians at the investigational site. Our data model is not only flexible but also keeps pace with the latest developments in clinical informatics standards, including support for HL7 and HL7 FHIR standards. This ensures robust connectivity with any electronic healthcare system through our state-of-the-art integration engine.

Additionally, our system is built on Common Data Elements principles. This allows for the reuse of data capture forms that have already been developed and validated by third parties, significantly reducing the time required for clinical database development and validation. This functionality enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of data integration and management in clinical trials.

Data Streams

Handle diverse data formats and IoT connectivity

oomnia eSource is capable of collecting a wide range of data and file formats, from atomic tabular data to voice recordings and continuous clinical signals. Additionally, it can establish connectivity with any wearable devices or home monitoring systems through an IoT engine, enhancing its versatility and application in diverse clinical settings.
Our certifications
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our commitment to robust information security and superior quality management is at the core of our innovative solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient trial management for our clients.

Managing different types

Explore the future of digital health records and enhanced data integration

Get a detailed overview of some eSource types and let us know what you require for your clinical trial.

Electronic Health Records (EHR) as eSource


Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and related technologies are often highlighted as promising eSource solutions for data acquisition in clinical trials. Utilizing EHRs as an eSource makes sense due to their widespread use and the rich data they contain. However, sourcing data directly from EHRs or Clinical Information Systems (CIS) is not without challenges. Issues such as the accuracy of the data contained within EHRs, interoperability between different EHR systems, and the usability and safety of these systems must be carefully considered. Additionally, the rigidity of data models, the need for custom installations in each hospital, and complex data query processes further complicate their use as eSource.

All we do is based on a robust clinical core. We understand clinical workflows, we pioneer the standardization of clinical data and unify clinical practice and clinical research with oomnia.
See how we can help you out.

Devices & Apps as eSource


In the industry of clinical trials, electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePRO) and electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOA) instruments, along with various mobile applications ranging from certified class I/II medical device software to fitness apps, are recognized as viable eSource options. These technologies face several hurdles, including lack of standardization across organizations, regulatory uncertainties, resource constraints at sites and sponsors, cost and budget concerns, and infrastructure challenges. These issues must be addressed to fully integrate devices and apps as effective sources of data.

We are entirely system- and project-agnostic, offering all our solutions in the language you as a user prefer.
See how we can create seamless connectivity.

Non-case Report Forms (non-CRFs) as eSource


Stakeholders in clinical trials often experience specific challenges when using non-CRFs as an eSource. These challenges include the delivery of expected file formats, the need for personal training, slow uptake of new technology, difficulties in adhering to timelines, and a heavy reliance on manual data mapping and batch loading processes, which lack semantic interoperability. Despite these challenges, there are notable benefits: improved protocol compliance, the inclusion of additional contextual information in raw data files that can be leveraged for further exploratory studies and protocol improvements.

This is where oomnia comes into play. It covers all facets of clinical data interoperability.
Experience even more functionalities of our software.

Direct Data Capture (DDC) as eSource


Direct Data Capture (DDC) is traditionally understood in the context of using electronic Case Report Forms (eCRFs) as the primary tool for data entry, without the creation of source documents beforehand. This method often involves the use of special devices or tablets, which must be transported to the site and used as a data collection resource. This approach, however, is associated with several challenges, including delays in study startup, increased costs, extensive training time, logistical complexities, and demands on site infrastructure. These factors must be considered to optimize the use of DDC in clinical trials.

Our oomnia software is highly dynamic as the medicine is. We adapt to your needs and respect your workflows.
Learn what we understand under adaptability.

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Key features of oomnia

Capture and manage clinical data effectively

Our eSource platform is designed to enhance collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency within your organization. It offers instant collaboration for real-time teamwork and decision-making, configurability for customizing the system to your specific requirements, and a seamless workflow to ensure smooth and error-free operations. These key features integrate to create a robust system that adapts to your needs, optimizes productivity, and supports your project from inception to completion.
Discover how oomnia eSource can streamline your processes and drive success in your projects.

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Uncover the synergy of solutions tailored to your success

As an all-in-one clinical trial software solution, oomnia offers an unparalleled suite of tools for seamless clinical trial management. Discover our full unified clinical trial solution below.