Enhancing speed and efficiency with oomnia eConsent

Effortlessly obtain Participant Consent or Assent

  • NSeamless eCRF and EDC integration
  • NInteractive multimedia content
  • NHybrid electronic and paper consent
  • NWeb-based BYOD model

Enhancing speed and efficiency with oomnia eConsent

Effortlessly obtain Participant Consent or Assent

  • NSeamless eCRF and EDC integration
  • NInteractive multimedia content
  • NHybrid electronic and paper consent
  • NWeb-based BYOD model

eConsent with oomnia

Patient-centric trials with oomnia eConsent

oomnia eConsent has been designed from the ground up to be the most patient- and site-centric clinical trial management tool on the market. It can be used as a standalone software, and it truly comes to life as an essential component of our integrated clinical trial software, especially the EDC tools.

oomnia eConsent inherently enables patients to choose the consent process that they are more comfortable with. Both electronic and paper consent processes are simultaneously supported for any and all trials at all times.

Our eConsent tool automatically presents informed consent documents in the participant’s chosen language, and a built-in Q&A module allows participants to directly communicate with site staff, fostering a supportive environment.

The digital process of oomnia eConsent significantly reduces the time needed to disseminate consent information to relevant stakeholders from weeks to just a couple of minutes.

Experience a swift, secure, patient- and site-centric experience with our oomnia eConsent.

oomnia – Surpassing Industry Standards

Our unified clinical trial software is designed with compliance at its core, meeting critical industry standards. Our commitment to these regulations ensures that your clinical trials are not only efficient but also adhere to the highest levels of data integrity, privacy, and ethical conduct.

Hybrid electronic and paper consent

Enhance accessibility with processes determined by the patient

oomnia eConsent is fundamentally built to simultaneously enable, track, and support both electronic and paper-based consent processes. This means that a trial participant can choose the process with which they are more comfortable and that suits their schedule, lifestyle, and background. Regardless of how familiar patients are with technology, we provide access to potentially life-saving clinical trials. Sponsors no longer have to decide whether diverse patient groups are better served with paper or electronic consent. We enable each trial participant to decide for themselves.

Streamlined consent for sites

A revolution in the site facing consent process

We have eliminated time-intensive and costly reconciliation and verification. Our eConsent is natively integrated with the oomnia unified clinical research software and its EDC capabilities. Data is seamlessly transferred from a participant’s eCRF to oomnia eConsent and vice versa, thereby eliminating redundant and inaccurate workflows. Once a participant’s eCRF is created, the data is automatically transferred to eConsent. This process includes setting up the participant’s profile within the system, specifying their preferred language and consent method.

Multilingual support

Enhance accessibility and compliance through language options

oomnia eConsent system is equipped to provide consent documents in multiple languages, ensuring that participants fully understand the information presented, regardless of their native language. This feature not only supports inclusivity but also significantly boosts compliance rates by reducing language barriers. The ability to choose a preferred language creates a more personalized and comfortable environment for participants, fostering greater engagement and trust in the consent process.

Interactive support features

Real-time communication to streamline participant interaction

The interactive Q&A module within the oomnia eConsent platform revolutionizes how participants interact with clinical trial staff. This tool allows for instant communication, where participants can raise concerns and get clarifications directly from site staff. Such immediate support ensures that participants are well-informed and confident in their decision to consent, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the enrollment process. Sponsors can choose to additionally support patients with multimedia content tailored for their trial.
Our certifications
We are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified. Our commitment to robust information security and superior quality management is at the core of our innovative solutions, ensuring reliable and efficient trial management for our clients.

Digital signatures

Accelerating the consent process with rapid digital signatures

oomnia eConsent accelerates the consent process through quick digital signing capabilities. This technology cuts down the traditional weeks-long wait to just minutes, enabling faster commencement of clinical trials. The digital signature feature ensures that all consents are securely logged, easily accessible, and fully traceable, providing a robust foundation for compliance and auditability throughout the trial’s duration.

Seamless platform integration

Flawless data synchronization for efficient trial management

The seamless integration of eConsent with the broader oomnia platform ensures that all participant data is automatically synchronized and updated in real-time. This integration facilitates smooth transitions between stages of the clinical trial and allows for continuous monitoring and management of participant information. By eliminating manual data transfers and unnecessary reconciliation, oomnia enhances data integrity, reduces costs, and minimizes the potential for errors, thus supporting more efficient trial management.

Improved participant engagement

Fostering better interaction and compliance through convenient features

oomnia eConsent is designed to maximize participant engagement by making the consent process as straightforward and interactive as possible. The combination of multilingual support, real-time Q&A capabilities, and quick digital signing enhances participant satisfaction and retention. This proactive approach to participant interaction not only improves compliance but also contributes to more reliable and valid trial outcomes.

Access the eCONSENT Data Sheet

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Key features of oomnia

Streamlining clinical trials with unmatched efficiency and compliance

Discover the key benefits of integrating oomnia eConsent into your clinical trial operations. Our platform not only streamlines the implementation process but also ensures rigorous compliance with international regulatory standards and offers an unparalleled user experience. By simplifying the integration of eConsent into existing systems, we minimize disruption and enhance operational efficiency, enabling trials to proceed smoothly and without delays. Additionally, our strong focus on compliance guarantees that all participant data is securely managed under the strictest data protection protocols. The intuitive user interface of oomnia eConsent enhances participant interaction and satisfaction, significantly improving the overall consent process. Together, these benefits form a robust foundation for accelerating clinical trial timelines while upholding the highest standards of data integrity and participant care.

Seamless implementation

oomnia eConsent is fundamentally integrated into our oomnia ecosystem resulting in a streamlined process, designed to minimize disruption and maximize efficiency. If using other systems, our experts can help you integrate our eConsent with any external EDC or CTMS, ensuring that it aligns perfectly with your current workflows and data systems. Support from our dedicated technical team ensures that integration is smooth and any potential challenges are swiftly addressed. This strategic implementation not only enhances the functionality of clinical trials but also ensures that data flow remains uninterrupted and secure throughout the trial lifecycle.

Compliance and security

At oomnia, compliance and security are at the core of our eConsent solution. Our system is built to comply with international regulatory standards, including GDPR and HIPAA, ensuring that all participant data is handled with the utmost security. Regular audits, end-to-end encryption, and strict access controls are just a few of the measures we implement to protect data integrity and privacy. By prioritizing these elements, oomnia eConsent provides researchers and participants with the assurance that their information is secure and managed in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Convenient user experience

The oomnia eConsent platform is designed with the user experience at the forefront. Our intuitive interface ensures that participants can easily navigate the consent process without confusion or delays. Key features such as responsive design and clear, accessible content layouts make it simple for users of all tech-savviness levels to understand and interact with the platform. This focus on user-friendly design enhances participant engagement and significantly reduces the likelihood of errors and misunderstandings.

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